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Why Pecca


Pecca products are available in a variety of colors. Apart from standard models, we provide customized products and services, catering our customers' special requests to deliver unparalleled luxury, comfort and peace of mind.

We have an in-house Design and Styling Department, Stylelab which enables us to enhance our value proposition by providing styling design proposals to our clients. Our Stylelab provides solutions to the clients in line with their styling preference and targeted market segments and accordingly, Pecca is able to deliver a customised and complete styling design services to our clients.

Our Stylelab comprises a team of experienced designers with extensive exposure in interior styling for the automotive industry.

Adding value with our wide array of industry experience and international dimension

R & D

We place strong emphasis on R&D activities to ensure quality of our products and continuous product development and enhancement while our Stylelab adds value by creating cutting edge designs and concepts for our clients.

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